Veterinary specialities in Chamberi


General Surgery.

Laparoscopic surgery.

Minimally invasive Surgery.

Highly specialized in small and miniature breeds.

We take a great care of aesthetics using intradermal sutures in routine surgeries, thus reducing the risk of infection since we don´t leave any external stitches. sutura en contacto con el exterior.

Anesthesia and Sedation

Inhalational anaesthetic (Isoflurane)


Mechanical breathing

Combined sedation and local anaesthetic techniques which allow us to perform a large number of surgical interventions without the need for general anaesthetics; this is very important when dealing with geriatric animals and weakened patients.


Artificial Insemination techniques.

Vaginal cytology, ovulation detection, spermiogram.

Pregnancy management and whelping. Caesarean section.

Neonatal care.


Eyelid surgery.

Lacrimal gland surgery.

Treatment of persistent corneal ulcers, etc.


Skin scraping, detection of mites and yeast/fungal infections.

Culture, identification and antibiogram.

Allergy tests, atopy, trichogram, etc.


Electrocardiogram, Echocardiogram, Doppler. Holter, etc

Once the heart problem is diagnosed, a treatment is established (medication, specific diet, weight control, etc.) and the necessary check-ups are carried out in each case.


Acute and chronic otitis, fiber optic examination.

Extraction of foreign bodies.

Surgical techniques in incurable chronic otitis.

Culture and identification of the causative agent, applying the appropriate therapy.

Antiseptic washes under sedation for the treatment of recurrent otitis caused by the presence of cerumen plugs, etc.


Biopsy puncture / Anatomopathological study of samples.

Tumor surgery.

Personalized chemotherapy protocols.

Combined therapy.

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