Veterinary services in Chamberi


Clinical tests (blood, urine, stool, hormonal tests, cerebrospinal fluid, exudates / transudates, etc.)

Geriatric profiles, chronic disease control, periodic check-ups.

Detection of infectious diseases: Toxoplasmosis, Canine Leishmaniasis, Leukemia and Feline Immunodeficiency, etc. (PCR, IFI, Elisa techniques)

Diagnostic imaging


Simple and contrast radiography.

Diagnosis of hip and elbow dysplasia.

Spine radiology (lumbar pain, impingement, etc).

Digestive transits

Ascending / descending urography.




Ultrasound guided needle aspiration


Specialized, high quality food; exclusively for the veterinary channel.

Therapeutic diets for kidney, liver and heart disease; urinary stones, diabetes, joint symptoms, etc.

Weight control and maintenance programs.


Advice on the most frequent behavior problems in dogs and cats.

Guidelines for raising a puppy and recommendations.

Considerations when we talk about geriatric animals or chronically ill patients.

It is common for some behavior problems to be directly related to pathologies (urinary incontinence related to urinary or hormonal problems, aggressiveness problems due to chronic pain, etc.).

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Rabies antibody titration, European Passport, Official Health record, E.E.A legislation, non-EU countries legislation (territories and third countries, Non-EU listed countries).

When travelling between the EU member states, the pet must have its European Passportduly completed, signed and stamped by the veterinarian, stating that the pet is properly vaccinated and dewormed.

To travel tonon-EU countries, the pet will need other requirements such as a blood titer test for rabies, official certificates, visa… a long list that varies depending on the country that we will be visiting.


Official certificates, E.E.A legislation, non – EU contries legislation.

The official certificates follow the standard form provided by the Official College of Veterinary Surgeons of Madrid, stamped and signed by the veterinarian including the membership number.

The official certificates to cross borders will include also that the animal is properly identified and vaccinated, as well as the absence of clinical signs of disease.

At our practice, all of these certificates are delivered immediately after performing a complete clinical exam and checking that the microchip is still functioning.


According to current regulations in Spain, the identification of dogs, cats, rabbits and ferrets is obligatory.

The method of choice is the implantation of the electronicmicrochip, quick procedure practically painless and valid throughout the whole life of the animal.

Once placed, it is recorded in the Animal Identification System (each Autonomous Community has its own system) with all of the information of the pet and the owner. It allows to identify and locate the owner in case of loss, robbery, etc.

In cases of adoption or purchase, if the animal is already microchipped, it is important to make sure that the microchip is updated with the new owner’s information (including any changes of Autonomous Community) because it is the only way of demonstrating that legally the animal belongs to us.

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