Veterinary practice in Chamberi

Our veterinary practice in Chamberi includes a team with more than 35 years of clinical and surgical experience; We have modern facilities equipped with all the necessary technical means which allow us to diagnose more quickly by not having to move the patient to other centres for diagnostic tests.

We keep contact with Hospitals and Universities to carry out complementary diagnostic tests (Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Computerized Tomography, etc.) as well as the participation of the best professionals in all medical specialities.

Consultations in English and French

We offer the possibility of English or French consultations for our foreign pet owners with a vet who is practically bilingual and with work experience both in France and in the United Kingdom.


Before starting our vaccination protocol it is really important to deworm properly our pet. Many internal parasites are capable of migrating from the mother to the foetus through the placenta or through the mother’s milk, and this is the reason why many puppies/kittens can be born already with parasites (roundworms, hookworms, etc). Some of these parasites can even be infectious for humans, like tapeworms (Taenia).

When puppies grow to adults, deworming is recommended every three months. In household cats, deworming is recommended every six months.



The vaccination protocol begins when the puppy turns eight weeks old, vaccinating before that age makes no sense since the puppy’s immune system is immature and therefore unable to adequately develop defences against the disease.

In addition, the puppy must have passed the “initial stress period” and be perfectly adapted to its new home and environment.

Adult animals are re-vaccinated annually with a booster dose thus ensuring immunity to the disease.

Our practice will remind you of the dates when you must re-vaccinate your pet through the system you prefer (post, email, telephone, etc).

Canine polyvalent vaccine
Feline polyvalent vaccine
Rabies vaccine
Leishmaniosis vaccine
Kennel cough vaccine


External parasites

External treatments are the best way of treating, controlling and preventing flea, tick and mosquito bites. These can parasites can transmit several potential illnesses like leishmaniosis, ehrlichiosis, Lyme disease or dog/cat tapeworm (Dipylidium caninum).

There is a wide range of external parasite treatment options, including collar, spot-on, tablets, etc. Depending on the climate and the area, we recommend different preventive protocols considering that it is not always necessary to treat continuously our pet; we must not forget that these are toxics that we apply to our pet.

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