The vaccination protocol begins when the puppy turns eight weeks old, vaccinating before that age makes no sense since the puppy’s immune system is immature and therefore unable to adequately develop defenses against the disease.

Before beginning the vaccination it is important to DEWORM the puppy since several types of parasites are able to migrate from the mother to the foetus through the placenta, from which the puppy is born infected.

In addition, the puppy must have passed the “initial stress period” and be perfectly adapted to its new home and environment.
Adult animals are re-vaccinated annually with a booster dose thus ensuring immunity to the disease.

Our practice will remind you of the dates when you must re-vaccinate your pet through the system you prefer (post, email, telephone).

Canine Polyvalent Vaccine

Feline Polyvalent Vaccine

Rabies Vaccine

Leishmaniosis Vaccine