Leishmaniasis is a tropical parasitic disease transmitted by the bite of an insect (phlebotomus), commonly known as “Mosquito disease”. Madrid is an endemic area, as is the entire south and east of the Iberian peninsula.

It is a chronic disease , the treatments help to control the symptoms but they do not cure the animal and it is one of the most expensive diseases due to the treatments and the check-ups that must be done to the animal (blood test, urine test, physical exam, etc).

Animals can be vaccinated from 6 months of age, a Leishmania test must be done previously to rule out that the animal has been in contact with the parasite. Once done, you can start with the primovaccination (one dose every three weeks until you complete three doses) and then only one booster each year will be necessary to maintain active defenses against canine leishmaniasis.

The best time for vaccination is between autumn and spring , since in winter there are no insects and the probability of transmission is much lower than in spring / summer.