We put at your disposal a professional team with more than 30 years of clinical and surgical experience, modern facilities equipped with the technical means necessary to function as a integral center that satisfies all the needs of owner and pet.

We are widely specialized in miniature breeds: Yorkshire, Bichon Maltese, Chihuahua, Pinscher, etc



We perform dental cleaning WITHOUT general anaesthesia, only applying sedation and different degrees of local anaesthesia, this technique allows us to perform extractions. TWO HOURS, your dog or cat leaves our center with a completely healthy mouth and walking perfectly clear and alert.

It is important to keep the mouth properly sanitized avoiding the appearance of tartar and bacterial plaque responsible for the bad smell, but also we must not forget that these bacteria produce important infections and make a lot of toxins capable of triggering digestive, joint, dermatological pathologies, and even heart issues.

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Our center is prepared at all levels to meet the specific needs of miniature races, especially when different degrees of sedation and/or anaesthesia are applied. Each animal presents a series of particularities that depend not only on its size but also on its personal and racial characteristics, “it is not the same to sedate/anaesthetize a German Shepherd than a Yorkshire”.

For the same reasons that we just mentioned, any treatment should be customized for each type of animal, thus optimizing the results.

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As a welcome gift we perform a complete clinical examination to the puppy in order to detect any possible pathologies, we also inform and advise on the guidelines for deworming, vaccination, feeding, hygiene, behavior and all those topics that are of your interest.

It is important to take the puppy to the veterinary surgeon as soon as possible